Video: Conference veteran Robin Helburn

We spoke to conference veteran, Robin Helburn, manager of project administration for Strook & Strook & Lavan LLC, about her experience at conference so far.


Video: ILTA President Joy Heath Rush comments on ILTA ’08

We stopped Joy in the hall to ask for her assessment of the conference on the last day of sessions.

Video: From an ILTA first-timer

Just before the vendor event on Monday, we spoke to Martin Rivera, a first-time ILTA conference attendee. Martin is the network administrator for a small firm in Houston, Boyar & Miller. Here’s what he had to say about his first day of conference.

Standing room only

Standing room only for Monday's keynote address

Standing room only for Monday's keynote address

Tim Sanders got rave reviews from attendees yesterday, with folks saying they left with lots of useful information and ideas. We hope you left with a little inspiration, too.

Despite the fact that we were in one of the largest rooms in the hotel,  it was standing room only for this morning event. In fact, quite a few of the session rooms were standing room only. We’re always happy to squeeze in more session participants! Please make sure to be courteous and discrete when entering and leaving the room.

Welcome to the ILTA Conference Blog!

The purpose of this conference blog is to help attendees connect with other attendees on site, and to help non-attendees make those connections virtually. Here are some of the ways we’re going to do that:

Before the conference:
1. You’ll see posts from speakers and attendees before the event where they’ll discuss what they’ll be talking about, what sessions they will attend and whom they hope to see.

2. We’ll link to the main conference site for reminders about the program.

3. We’ll post some helpful articles with advice on how to make the most of your conference attendance.

4. We’ll offer a place for attendees to share their plans and possible pre-meet other attendees so you’ll know a colleague or two when you get there.

During the conference:
1. We’ll post highlights from the day’s sessions and events and invite attendees to share their highlights through post comments.

2. We’ll post photos and video interviews to the blog, and take your comments and suggestions for more.

3. We’ll keep you updated on changes and can’t-miss events.

Most importantly, we invite you to use this space to comment, share, give advice and hook-up with your fellow ILTAns.

Send us your questions and comments now!