Found wallet!

The concept of “Lost and Found” still works!

Aaron, your wallet was turned in at the reg desk on the ballroom level.  Please come by after lunch to retrieve it.


Lost! Samsung Blackjack

You’d really do a guy a favor if you could keep an eye out for a Samsung Blackjack, last seen on a booth table in the exhibitor area.

Again, please take any items you find to the ILTA registration desk. You might also take them to the front desk, if you didn’t find it in the conference center. Thank you!

Found some glasses?

There are at least two pairs of lost glasses floating about. If you find them, please take them to the registration desk.

In turn, if you’ve lost glasses, try the registration desk in addition to the hotel front desk.


Help! Lost wedding ring

One of our attendees has lost a wedding ring, possibly in the ladies room. She believes she lost the ring on Tuesday morning, just before the second session.

This is a yellow, gold band in two pieces. The diamond is an emerald cut with baguettes.

If you find the wedding ring, please be a hero and return it to the Registration Desk as soon as possible. Thank you!

FAQs: Lost and found

"Panic" is right.

Hey, we know you’re overstimulated and overwhelmed. There’s a lot going on during conference. So if you left your car rental keys at the registration desk… say, to a Chrysler 300, license plate DNL 128 …we understand. (Tell us what color the car is, and we’ll give them back.)

We’ll hold on to your keys  – and whatever else anybody loses in the conference center – at the registration desk. If you lost it outside of the conference center, you can also check the hotel front desk.

If you find anything, please take it to the registration desk. Thanks!