The most eco-conscious vendors at ILTA

This year, in keeping with our green theme, we invited our exhibiting vendors to participate in a “Green Challenge”as part of our green initiatives at ILTA ’08. Vendors were judged based on the eco-consciousness of their promotional items. The first-place winner took home a $1,000 credit toward advertising with ILTA. Congratulations!

1st Place: Ivize, for providing attendees with “leaves” printed on 30% recycled post-consumer waste paper. Ivize will donate $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for every attendee who brought a leaf – completed with their contact information – to the Ivize booth and attached it to their “tree.”

2nd Place: Compuware, for donating an eco-friendly prize to the Vendor Bingo drawing. The prize consisted of bamboo bath towels and a bamboo robe, valued at $385.

3rd Place: Interwoven, for offering a number of eco-friendly promotional items including seed cards, coil-shake flashlights and 100% biodegradable Frisbees. At their party Wednesday night, Interwoven handed out lanyards made of recycled bamboo, used cups and napkins made of recycled material and offered a solar charger as a prize.

Thank you to all our vendors who participated.


Welcome to the ILTA Conference Blog!

The purpose of this conference blog is to help attendees connect with other attendees on site, and to help non-attendees make those connections virtually. Here are some of the ways we’re going to do that:

Before the conference:
1. You’ll see posts from speakers and attendees before the event where they’ll discuss what they’ll be talking about, what sessions they will attend and whom they hope to see.

2. We’ll link to the main conference site for reminders about the program.

3. We’ll post some helpful articles with advice on how to make the most of your conference attendance.

4. We’ll offer a place for attendees to share their plans and possible pre-meet other attendees so you’ll know a colleague or two when you get there.

During the conference:
1. We’ll post highlights from the day’s sessions and events and invite attendees to share their highlights through post comments.

2. We’ll post photos and video interviews to the blog, and take your comments and suggestions for more.

3. We’ll keep you updated on changes and can’t-miss events.

Most importantly, we invite you to use this space to comment, share, give advice and hook-up with your fellow ILTAns.

Send us your questions and comments now!