Video: ILTA President Joy Heath Rush comments on ILTA ’08

We stopped Joy in the hall to ask for her assessment of the conference on the last day of sessions.


Looking for the recipe?

When you return to the office, we’re sure you’ll run through the list of conference highlights: the educational sessions, the networking events, the outstanding service, the salad dressing….

Yes, the salad dressing served on Tuesday night at the Asian Port of Call event has made quite an impression on a number of attendees. Per your request, Bridget Denby, director of catering for the Gaylord Hotel, generously shared her secret recipe. Enjoy!

Sesame Chestnut Vinaigrette
10-12 ppl

1 cup Soy Bean Oil
2 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 cup Rice Vinegar
2 tbsp Peanut Butter
¼ cup Lavender Honey
1 cup Olive oil
1 pinch red Pepper flakes
1 tbsp roasted black and white sesame seed
1 clove chopped roasted Garlic
½ cup Water Chestnut mousse
½ bundle fine chopped Green Onions

Mix all together in food processor until smooth and let rest for ½ hour. Great with Asian Salads as Dressing and perfect as Meat or Chicken marinade

Says Bridget: “You can get the mousse at any Asian market or and some natural food stores.  Lavender honey does have a unique flavor, but it is subtle. So replacing it with regular honey should not alter the taste drastically.”

FAQs: Lost and found

"Panic" is right.

Hey, we know you’re overstimulated and overwhelmed. There’s a lot going on during conference. So if you left your car rental keys at the registration desk… say, to a Chrysler 300, license plate DNL 128 …we understand. (Tell us what color the car is, and we’ll give them back.)

We’ll hold on to your keys  – and whatever else anybody loses in the conference center – at the registration desk. If you lost it outside of the conference center, you can also check the hotel front desk.

If you find anything, please take it to the registration desk. Thanks!

Don’t print, download

Remember when “green” referrred to cash? Or being a novice? What about when we used it to refer to feeling seasick? Or jealous?

These days “green” refers to efforts to reduce waste – energy, water, paper and more. Much better than being seasick. That’s why this year we’re offering a library of presentation handouts and documents on our conference website.

Just go to the Downloads page and choose which presentation you’d like to see. Download it to your computer to follow along or print just the pages you’d like to use.

And send some green if you think our green efforts show how green we are (or if this sentence makes you a little green).


What not to wear to conference

You’re thinking Dallas in August will be hot, and you’re right; it is hot … outside. Thankfully, most of conference will be held inside a nicely air-conditioned, heavily carpeted conference center. In fact, you might consider bringing a sweater or light cardigan. You know how those meeting rooms can be chilly.

Aside from that, please don’t pack your fancy work clothes! Casual attire is appropriate for all activities at conference.

The evening socials do not require any fancy garb, BUT for our “big” gala on Tuesday evening, ILTA’s Asian Port of Call, many of us will dress up for the event. At Monday evening’s exhibit hall opening, ILTA’s “Vendor Grand Prix,” many of the exhibitors will decorate their booths and wear costumes in recognition of the theme.

A jumpsuit like this would not be inappropriate on Monday night.

A jumpsuit like this would not be inappropriate on Monday night.

If you wish to don your racing attire, you’ll fit right in.

Plug in! How to get online from conference

This is 2008, after all. The ILTA Conference is totally wired. How to connect and -if you absolutely must – how to print, below.

FreeConnect Wireless – The Conference Center is set up for FREE wireless Internet access for conference attendees. Choose the WORKSHARE SSID – there is no password required. No printing is available.

Internet Kiosks – There are kiosks in a number of locations for that quick e-mail check. Limited printing is available from the kiosks in the Exhibit Hall. We ask that you respect the lineup area and limit your access of these kiosks so everyone gets a chance to use them:
Exhibit Hall (Longhorn Exhibit Hall E & F)
ILTA Bistro area (Longhorn Exhibit Hall D)
Demo room area in the Lone Star Tower

LapTop Island – Located outside the Exhibit Hall in front of Longhorn Exhibit Hall D, where you can hardwire-connect your laptop to the Internet. No printing is available, and we ask that you limit your connection to allow others to use the service.

Guest Room Internet Access – All guest rooms have high-speed Internet access (wired or wireless) which is provided as part of the benefits under the resort fee.

Business Center
– The IKON Business Center is located on the lower level as you enter the Conference Center. It offers a wide variety of business services, including typing, photocopies, federal express and fax services. They can handle both small walk-up jobs and high-volume requests.  A reduced rate is offered to ILTA members.

FAQs: Do I have to register for individual sessions?

A. No, you don’t have to register for individual sessions.

All sessions are open seating – no pre-registration is required.  Please note that the ILTA U sessions are hands-on labs, and you might want to arrive early to ensure a seat at the computer.

NOTE: You may be thinking about our “Add to calendar” function from the Plan Your Week page on the conference website. That’s just a feature we created for your convenience as a way to plan your week. You could use this to put individual sessions on your Outlook calendar, or you could wing it at the conference. It’s up to you!