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    Welcome, ILTAns! This blog is your chance to share insights, comments, notes and invitations with your fellow attendees. Keep watching the blog for updates, and have a great conference!
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About the Blog

Welcome to the ILTA ’08 Conference blog!

Want to set up a carpool?

Share your thoughts on a speaker?

Find a dinner companion?

Recommend a session?

This blog was designed to create online environment for conference attendees to share and discuss all things conference. The more you comment, the more useful the blog is!

All comments and feedback are welcome, but please apply the same level of professionalism and courtesy as you do on ILTA’s E-Groups. We hope you find this a useful tool for getting the most out of the ILTA ’08 Conference. Thanks!

Suggestions? Comment below or send us an e-mail.


3 Responses

  1. Could I set up a play/swimming pool time event for spouses and family’s of the ILTA attendees and have it posted here on the blog?
    Lizzie G

  2. Lizzie, great idea! I’ll create a page for families that want to get together, and you can post and reply to posts there.


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