The most eco-conscious vendors at ILTA

This year, in keeping with our green theme, we invited our exhibiting vendors to participate in a “Green Challenge”as part of our green initiatives at ILTA ’08. Vendors were judged based on the eco-consciousness of their promotional items. The first-place winner took home a $1,000 credit toward advertising with ILTA. Congratulations!

1st Place: Ivize, for providing attendees with “leaves” printed on 30% recycled post-consumer waste paper. Ivize will donate $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for every attendee who brought a leaf – completed with their contact information – to the Ivize booth and attached it to their “tree.”

2nd Place: Compuware, for donating an eco-friendly prize to the Vendor Bingo drawing. The prize consisted of bamboo bath towels and a bamboo robe, valued at $385.

3rd Place: Interwoven, for offering a number of eco-friendly promotional items including seed cards, coil-shake flashlights and 100% biodegradable Frisbees. At their party Wednesday night, Interwoven handed out lanyards made of recycled bamboo, used cups and napkins made of recycled material and offered a solar charger as a prize.

Thank you to all our vendors who participated.


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