Vendor Bingo, explained

Some of you new to an ILTA conference might be saying to yourself, “So, Self, what is ‘vendor bingo?'” Here’s the gist from Peggy Wechsler:

Vendor Bingo is ILTA’s popular game that attracts conference attendees to the Exhibit Hall. Each conference attendee is given a bingo card with a square corresponding to each exhibitor booth. Each exhibit booth is given a stamp to validate the bingo card. Conference attendees are encouraged to visit each booth to acquaint themselves with our exhibitors and get their card stamped. 

To get their card stamped, the attendee must answer two questions posed by each exhibiting company. Bingo cards will be collected and screened for completeness on Thursday morning. 

Attendees congregate in the Exhibit Hall for the drawing at 11:45 a.m. on Thursday

New this year: No vendor bingo at the Exhibit Hall Reception on Monday night. Use this time to get reacquainted with clients and to meet new friends. 

Bingo cards will be distributed Tuesday morning at the Exhibit Hall Grand Opening.

Did we mention there are fabulous prizes to be won? More on that later.


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