Plug in! How to get online from conference

This is 2008, after all. The ILTA Conference is totally wired. How to connect and -if you absolutely must – how to print, below.

FreeConnect Wireless – The Conference Center is set up for FREE wireless Internet access for conference attendees. Choose the WORKSHARE SSID – there is no password required. No printing is available.

Internet Kiosks – There are kiosks in a number of locations for that quick e-mail check. Limited printing is available from the kiosks in the Exhibit Hall. We ask that you respect the lineup area and limit your access of these kiosks so everyone gets a chance to use them:
Exhibit Hall (Longhorn Exhibit Hall E & F)
ILTA Bistro area (Longhorn Exhibit Hall D)
Demo room area in the Lone Star Tower

LapTop Island – Located outside the Exhibit Hall in front of Longhorn Exhibit Hall D, where you can hardwire-connect your laptop to the Internet. No printing is available, and we ask that you limit your connection to allow others to use the service.

Guest Room Internet Access – All guest rooms have high-speed Internet access (wired or wireless) which is provided as part of the benefits under the resort fee.

Business Center
– The IKON Business Center is located on the lower level as you enter the Conference Center. It offers a wide variety of business services, including typing, photocopies, federal express and fax services. They can handle both small walk-up jobs and high-volume requests.  A reduced rate is offered to ILTA members.


One Response

  1. How do we “plug in” the conference rooms for power?

    Last year there was only on or two plugs available for an entire conference room. It does not do much good to be wired if you cannot also plug in for power.

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