Looking for paper handouts?

You’ve heard we’re trying to reduce waste at this year’s ILTA conference, and here’s where the rubber meets the road, as they say, in that effort.

You will not see a big stack of handouts in the back of the rooms. And you won’t see someone passing out the printed Power Points from the aisles. It’s not that we’re anti-hard copy, it’s just that not everyone wants a hard copy and what happens is that lots of hard copies wind up in the hotel dumpsters.

So this year, we are posting session handouts and presentations on the conference website. Here’s where to find them:

  1. Look on the detail page of each individual educational session. Find a specific session here.
  2. Go to the main download page to find papers for all available sessions so far. These are updated as they arrive from the speakers. 

Make sure to download and print out any session handouts you need before the session so you can bring them with you. We’ll have onsite computers and printing stations at the conference, but we ask that you consider other means of taking notes – like that handy conference spiral included in your registration bag. We’ll also offer a number of the handouts on your conference CD, also included in your bag.

Please share any note-taking and paper-saving tips here!


One Response

  1. For those interested in wikis, we have set up a wiki to host the content and other information as part of our “Wikis in Law Firms” session.

    The invite key is: ilta08

    There is a questions page. Feel free to edit the page and add your questions.

    Our presentation is Monday at 4 as part of the knowledge management track.

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