FAQs: How do I cancel my registration?

A. We must receive the request in writing, either via e-mail, fax, or postal mail, no later than August 15.  A $50 administrative fee will be withheld from the refund, which will be processed in the same form as the original registration payment (i.e., we will not send a check if the registration was paid with a credit card).

Hotel reservations must be cancelled directly with the hotel.

Here’s how to cancel:

BY E-MAIL: Send an e-mail, SUBJ: Cancel Conference Registration, to 2008CONF@iltanet.org
BY FAX: Send a fax (no cover sheet necessary), SUBJ: Cancel Conference Registration, to 512-233-5109
BY MAIL: Send a letter addressed Cristin Gaffney, ILTA, 9701 Brodie Lane, Suite 200, Austin TX 78748

Remember, all requests must be postmarked before August 15. Thanks!


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  1. Forgot to add… if you would rather trasfer your registration, we can do that, too. See post later today.

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