Tues. 8/26: Make plans for leadership development seminar

Are you about to enter a management role? Do you want to brush up on your leadership skills? Or are you looking for inspriation for becoming a better leader?

Consider attending the Sharon T. Swartworth Leadership Development Seminar. Two sessions, both on Tuesday.

SESSION 1: Mastering the Fundamentals of Good Leadership
Brigadier General Butch Tate of the US Army Office of The Judge Advocate General.
Tuesday, 1:30 to 2:30
Grapevine D

Good leadership is about mastering the fundamentals, that is, putting into play in an organization those things leaders know they need to do and assume they are doing but can easily overlook when driven by the end state, the mission.  This seminar will discuss the fundamentals including: the importance of an organizational vision supported by objectives and initiatives; ensuring a clear and consistent statement of a leader’s expectations of employees; providing opportunities for a team to grow through, among other ideas, challenging work assignments (empowerment), training, education and underwriting mistakes; the leader’s role as coach/mentor/teacher; ensuring your own leader values are conducive to team values; emplacing a network where meaningful institutional information flows up and down; and dealing with those circumstances where expectations are not met.

SESSION 2: Leadership – Discover the Impact of One
Dale Trexler and Rick Johnson of the US Army Office of The Judge Advocate General
Tuesday, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Grapevine D

The best preparation for the future is the reflection of our past.  Developing and mastering your leadership style is often a collection of experiences, good and bad, with leaders before you.  We look back at the leadership style, grace and even imperfections of one great leader and her profound impact on the largest law firm in the world.  The speakers draw upon their personal exposure to this leader and how that contact molded their style and effectiveness.  They discuss the value of flexibility, the realization that even great leaders are not perfect and, most important, the positive impact a single person can make on an organization, its mission and its people.

You can add these to your calendar now! Just use our Agenda Grid and click “MISC3” in the 1:30 timeslot for Grapevine D or MISC in the 3:30 timeslot for Grapevive D. 

(Sharon Swartworth was a colleague, a soldier and a mother who was killed in 2004 when her Blackhawk helicopter was shot down. Learn more about her life here.)


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