Got/need extra event tickets?

Get ILTA tickets here!

Get ILTA tickets here!

Looking for extra event tickets? Have an extra ticket you won’t be using?

Just comment to the post (below) and connect with other ILTA ’08 conference attendees to give, receive or swap tickets. Keep looking here for updates before and throughout the conference.

If you want to purchase additional event tickets outright, members and vendors can download and use the appropriate order form from from the conference website.

Hope this helps!


40 Responses

  1. Hello,

    As my wife is attending with me again this year I am looking for tickets for the evening social events. If anyone has a ticket for one or all events that they wish to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi Everyone –
    I’m looking to trade event and/or meal tickets. If there are any tickets you won’t be using, let’s make a deal!
    – Steve

  3. Hello,

    My husband is attending the conference with me so I am also looking for any evening social event tickets if you are not going to use yours. I am staying at the Gaylord Texan or contact me via e-mail:

    Thank you!


  4. Hello,

    From Portland, Maine. My wife is attending and she had a ball last year. Any of the evening event tickets would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. I am looking for tickets for Tuesday evening’s event. Am willing to trade for Thursday event. I am staying at the Gaylord or contact me via e-mail:

  6. I have tickets for Thursday evening that I am willing to trade for Tuesday evening. You can contact me via e-mail:

  7. I need a breakfast ticket for Monday morning to feed a speaker on a day pass. If you’re not an early riser and would be willing to give yours up, and if you are registering on Sunday please email me and we can make arrangements to meet. Thank you.

  8. Looking for an extra ticket to Tuesday evenings event. Would be willing to trade ticket for Thursdays evenings event.


  9. My wife attends with me every year and I am looking for dinner tickets for Tuesday and Thursday evening events.

    Thank you in advance.

  10. I am looking for *any* meal and/or event tickets for this week so I can attend with my husband and not starve this week! If you aren’t using yours please email or call. 801-949-2954

  11. My husband came with me this year to see first hand what I’ve been raving about. I’m looking for meal tickets and social event tickets. I’m willing to deal. Please contact me at or 814-397-3563. THANKS!

  12. Brought my wife and a cute but cranky 6 month old and am trying to obtain any spare meal/events tickets.
    Please contact me at, or 202-607-0692. I appreciate it!

    Thank you!

  13. I am willing to swap tickets for either Tuesday or Thursday night or will gladly accept a ticket for either night that you are not going to be using. E-mail or call my cell at 501-766-5025. Thanks! Joe

  14. I have extra meal tickets and event ticket for Thursday only. Email me if you need them.

  15. Hi Jennifer. Do you have 2 tickets for Thursday night?

  16. Anyone have an extra event ticket for tuesday evening? Please call 915-274-7748. Thanks!

  17. Looking for tickets for Tuesday meals and evening event. Please email at or call 412-999-2348.

  18. Anyone have a ticket for Monday night’s vendor event they aren’t using? Email me at

  19. I also need extra tickets for my wife. I have an envelope on a cork board near registration booths. or call or text me to trade or just give unused vouchers please!

  20. I am looking for a ticket for Thursday night. If anyone has one that they are not using, please email me at or call me at 215-266-1954. Thanks.

  21. Looking for an extra ticket for the Thursday night event. Willing to trade Tuesday’s tiket.

  22. I have tickets Lunch on Tuesday if anyone wants to trade, I need tickets for Tuesday Lunch, I will be able to trade you at breakfast on Tuesday morning. 406-698-5429 text or call or email at

  23. I have tickets for Tuesday and Thursday evening. I am staying at the Gaylord and am happy to leave the tickets at the front desk. Please email me if you want the tickets. I hate to see them go to waste! Thanks.

  24. I would like to trade my Tuesday evening tickets for Thursday evening. Text or call me at 812-457-9500. (Email is, but I don’t get a chance to check my email very often here, so calling or texting is a better bet.)

  25. Have ticket for tonight Tuesday, would like to trade for a Thursday night’s ticket.

    Call me at 817-996-4520.

  26. I need one ticket for each of Tuesday and Thursday. Cell 503.572.6560 or for my BB.

  27. Have given up on Tuesday ticket, will trade mine for a Thursday night ticket. Email

  28. Need ticket for wife for Thursday. or Hill County 5066 @ Gaylord

  29. I’m looking for tickets for Tues and Thurs nights. If you have some you are willing to give up, please email me @

    ~Cheryl Proctor

  30. Have tik for Thurs. Will trade for Tues eve tik. Email Thanks.

  31. Greetings all 🙂

    If you have spare tickets, I am looking for Breakfast, Lunch and evening tickets for Wednesday and Thursday.

    If you are heading back early or not planning on attending, please send me a quick note and I’ll meet you.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    John Esvelt
    or Room 5120 at Gaylord

  32. Looking for ticket for thurs night.
    Thanks in advance.

  33. I need Thursday night event tickets. Please email me at or call 612-281-3252. I will meet you anywhere anytime. Thanks so much!

  34. Looking for tickets to Thursday evening event… Please email


  35. Thank-you to all that shared tickets – I was able to get the ones I needed. Thanks! 🙂

  36. I have event and drink tickets for Thursday night for the taking. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks.

  37. Thursday meal/event/drink tickets for the taking at the front desk. Enjoy!


    I would love for my husband to be able to come to the dinner on Thursday so if you have a spouse or teenager that would like to babysit (in room for a 3 & 8 year old boy) during this time, please let me know. Of course payment will be provided. Please let me know ASAP at 720-299-3395.

    Thanks –

  39. Need tickets for Thursday event. Where’s the front desk?

    Thanks in advance

  40. Please email me at if you have event tickets for Thursday night.

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