Learn from international panelists on Executive Track

It’s not every day that you, as a CIO, Technology Director or other legal IT executive gets the chance to swap war stories, hear what worked/what didn’t and see how other firms are leveraging their technology in an ever expanding international market, with your peers.

This year, join our international group of ILTA member panelists from the U.K., Australia, Canada and the U.S. as well as several ILTA conference vendor sponsors do just that.

The Executive track at this year’s conference offers a broad choice of sessions:

• CIO Roundtable: Challenges in Demonstrating IT Payoff
• Marketing IT as a Service
• The Law Office in 3-5 Years
• Managing Change Due to Mergers & Acquisitions
• Expanding into Foreign Markets
• Managing Expectations in Firm IT Strategy
• Growing from Manager to Leader
• Recap of Web 2.0 discussion covered at the G100 CIO Event

Bring your questions and your experience from the trenches and dig in for some lively sharing of ideas with your fellow ILTA IT executives.

See details on the sessions on ILTA’s conference website  and click on “Surf Sessions.”

Maureen Babcock, Executive Track Chair


One Response

  1. What are the thoughts around Firms opening up offices in places like India and the Phillipines to utilize local IT talent?

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